Supporting People,
Providing Technology

Established in 2002, MTS Sulby is an innovative company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

MTS Sulby consists of a number of distinct yet interconnected areas of service and support providing a range of assessment, training, IT and support services:

  • Delivering one-to-one support to students such as study skills tutoring, sighted helpers, specialist mentoring, note taking, and campus buddy;
  • Carrying out an assistive technology training session on a range of applications such as Dragon, Read & Write Gold and Mindview;
  • Conducting a DSA needs assessment, a required part of the Disabled Students' Allowance application process;
  • DSE assessments that may improve your employee's wellbeing and productivity;
  • Providing Ergonomic assessment services and supplying a wide range of products to help support individuals at their desk or place of work.
  • Providing IT, networking and Wifi services and support to both private and public sectors
About us
About us
About us

No matter what area of service we are providing, our focus is always the same - to provide an excellent, professional service to all our customers.