DSA Needs Assessment: Waiting Times: 2 days

October 11, 2017

In accordance with DSA QAG guidelines we aim to see all students within 15 working days. We can however often see people sooner.

Current DSA Needs Assessment waiting time at MTS Sulby is: 2 days.

In order to avoid delay, it is always advisable to book your assessment appointment as soon as you receive your DSA 1 letter from your funder.

(waiting times – last update: 21/09/2017)


Is there a charge for carrying out my DSA Study Needs Assessment?

There is a single fee charged to undertake your DSA Study Needs Assessment which is paid by your funding body.  This fee is inclusive of all work carried out throughout the length of your study.

Our current rate is £660 + VAT.

(DSA Study Needs Assessment fee – last update: 13/10/17)