What is an
Ergonomic Assessment?

Ergonomics is more than just equipment. It is how people fit and interact with products, systems and processes. As this varies greatly between individuals as they carry out their daily work and/or study task, that is why there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to considering ergonomic improvements.

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How to improve your workplace ergonomics

The impact of making ergonomic changes is likely to increase the wellbeing and performance of an individual.

Our experienced assessors are qualified to carry out an ergonomic assessment to improve your current study/work environment.

MTS Sulby provides a range of ergonomic products and assessment services. Contact us to find out more or book an appointment to visit our showroom to try out the products we have on display:

Posture Supports

Can the workplace provide comfort?

Posture Supports.png

Arm, wrist and foot rests, lumbar rolls and seat wedges are relatively low-tech but can still be incredibly effective in helping to solve or improve a work-related musculoskeletal condition.

  • Foot rests adjust for both angle and height ensures that your legs and feet are properly supported and encourage a correct posture.
  • Support cushions, including lumbar rolls and wedges, provide back support and promote better posture. They are also useful for car and aeroplane seats as well as at home in dining room or home office chairs.
  • Arm and wrist rests provide protection and comfort while also helping to prevent strain and fatigue.
  • Braces and body belts provide compressive support to alleviate the worst effects of mild strains and pains.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about any of these posture solutions.

Laptop & Tablet Solutions

Avoid laptop slouch

Laptop & Tablet Solutions

Hours every day are spent hunched over our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops which has led to an increase in neck, back and shoulder problems, particularly among the young.

Laptop slouch, as it has become known, is the latest problem to test the ingenuity of the ergonomics industry.

A new range of accessories have been developed to help people adopt a healthier approach to laptop and tablet use.

Stands that raise screens to the correct level;

  • Separate Bluetooth ergonomic keyboards and mice;
  • Lap desks;
  • Trolley or backpack carry cases

contact us to find out more about a solution that is right for you.

Workstation Accessories

Avoid the twists and turns of everyday working life

Workstation Accessories

Work related upper limb disorders usually require some form of specialist intervention. Many of these could be avoided by investing in simple workstation accessories that help eliminate the everyday twisting and turning of the work environment that may be at the root of the problem.

  • Document holders and writing slopes allow you to read and type at your workstation without twisting and putting undue strain on your neck and back.
  • The latest wireless phone headsets are comfortable to wear, increase productivity, give you the freedom to multi-task, and let you stand up and move around.

New workstation accessories are being added all the time so keep contact us to find out more.

Ergonomic Mice & Keyboards

Technology should not inflict pain

Ergonomic Mice & Keyboards

Technology has dramatically changed our work lives. Our bodies, however are still the same as they have always been.

When choosing a computer mouse or keyboard, it should not put undue strain on your arms, wrists, hands, neck and shoulders. Painful work-related upper limb disorders are usually the result of spending too long working with inappropriate mice or keyboards.

An ergonomically-designed mouse helps prevent strain injuries:

  • A vertical device eliminates the need for forearm twisting.
  • The Posturite Penguin, allows you to switch hands regularly throughout the working day, avoiding overuse of the dominant hand.
  • Trackball, roller mouse and centrally pointed input devices all reduce or eliminate the need for sideways or reaching arm movements and keep hands in a more natural position.

Sometimes the design of the standard computer keyboard, with its right-sided integral number pad, causes users to make uncomfortable stretching movements.

  • Compact or short keyboards allow you to position the mouse much closer to you. Separate numeric pads can always be added if required.
  • A Number Slide keyboard offers the best of both, acting as a compact when the integral number pad is hidden away and as a conventional keyboard once it is exposed.
  • Split keyboards are probably the most ergonomic, promoting a more natural positioning of the arms and hands and reducing fatigue.
  • Keyboards and mice are regularly used devices, so it’s important to get the right one for you. If you’re not sure which to choose, Contact us for expert advice.

Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desks

Keep moving!

Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desks

Sedentary jobs have been linked with serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even cancer.

Dr Mike Loosemore of the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health reported:

"Just standing up is good for you. If I worked standing up for three hours a day, five days a week, that would be the equivalent of running ten marathons a year."

Height adjustable, sit/stand desks are designed to allow you to change position from seated to standing regularly and easily without interrupting your workflow.

The desk can be heightened or lowered at the simple turn of a handle or push of a button. Work and equipment can stay exactly where it is. It couldn’t be simpler.

Sales of the adjustable desks have soared in the last 12 months and research has emerged to show just how beneficial standing up for a part of the day can be to your health.

So don’t just sit there contact us now to find out more.

Ergonomic Chairs

Warning! Your chair could be damaging your health

Ergonomic Chairs

Pain and disorders that occur in the upper or lower limbs are a common occurrence in the workplace and new cases of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are on the rise. According to HSE, an estimated 11.6 million working days a year are lost to work-related MSDs.

This not only has detrimental effects on an employee’s life in terms of pain and suffering, but also costs business and industry billions of pounds each year in lost productivity.

If companies invested proactively in adjustable, ergonomic chairs, properly set up to meet the needs of individual users this pain and monetary cost could be minimised.

If you are looking to buy a number of chairs for your organisation, we offer a range of contract seating options. Please contact us for further details.

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