What is
One-to-One Support?

One-to-One Support or Non-Medical Help (NMH) can be provided via your Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). This could be a note taker for students with physical disabilities, a specialist tutor for students with Dyslexia or a Sign Language Interpreter for Deaf students.

To ensure quality in our One-to-One support, MTS Sulby is a member of the Association of NMH providers and adheres to their nationally recognised charter.

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What One-to-One Support is available?

MTS Sulby provides professional, One-to-One educational support. We have a bank of highly qualified tutors, mentors and assistants who have been through a rigorous recruitment and training process and are available to work with you at school, college or University. Whether you have had your needs assessment carried out by MTS Sulby or not, we can provide you with the One-to-One Support you need.

A wide variety of support is available, that is tailored to your individual needs, helping you to develop strategies to enable you to perform to a level that is reflective of your true ability.

  • – Campus Assistant
  • – Library Assistant
  • – Proof Reader
  • – Note Taker
  • – Electronic Note taker
  • – Exam Scribe
  • – Audio typist
  • – Study Skills Mentor
  • – SpLD Tutor
  • – Specialist Mentor (Mental Health)
  • – Specialist Mentor (Autism)
  • – Specialist Mentor (Deaf)
  • – BSL Interpreter

How could my support work?

Simon meets with his Specialist Mentor once a week. They have got to know each other well and the Mentor has worked with him to develop a learning plan. This sets out all that they are going to look at together and includes things like essay planning, exam preparation and note taking, as well as how to manage academic stress. Meeting with his mentor really helps Simon to stay on top of his studies and enables him to better understand what is expected of him on his course and get his ideas down onto paper.

One to One Support

Why choose MTS Sulby?

All of our One-to-One Support workers are recruited and trained to the very highest of standards and adhere to an ethical Code of Conduct. On-going professional development means that they have the necessary skills and experience to meet your needs.

Why choose MTS Sulby?

From the office, we co-ordinate all of the One-to-One Support, completing paper work and making payments on your behalf. We are there to make sure that the support works and you get all that you need, talking to you and seeking your feedback.

Why choose MTS Sulby?

What do students say about our support?

‘The One-to-One sessions are going great, my tutor has been a real help’

Undergraduate Student

‘…things have been going really well with my specialist tutor and we get on well too, which is a bonus’

Post Graduate Student

If you would like to access One-to-One Support or find out if you are eligible,
please get in touch as soon as possible with us if you have any specific requirements

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